Italy’s best solution: private interest with a side of public bailout

Allowing bailout in Italy is the lesser of two evils. A bailout has its costs, but the costs of enforcing a bail-in are more destructive and far-reaching.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega What leads from a rocky outcrop to an island: geopolitics

The PCA’s ruling has brought about increased tensions around the rocks in the South China Sea, even if they lead to some kind of negotiation.

The discreet (and declining) charm of Venezuelan oil diplomacy

The slashing of oil exports to Cuba and the renegotiation of Chinese loans-for-oil illustrate the discreet and declining charm of Venezuelan oil diplomacy.

NATO and the EU: finally, in a common-law marriage

Despite of Brexit, desire is growing in the EU for greater military autonomy, certainly, but it is also becoming more focused on the Atlantic.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Regrexit, or indefinite postponement?

The Brexit vote has wrought so much devastation on the British political stage that it is not inconceivable that it will never happen.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega The reversibility of Europe

Since 1972, 58 referendums have been held on the EU and Europe. In the case of Brexit there will also be consequences, and much more profound.

(A very preliminary assessment of) the global presence of the European Union without the United Kingdom

This short piece aims at assessing (very preliminary) the impact of the EU Referendum held in the UK on the global presence of the European Union.

The revival of the far right in Europe

The so-called far right is currently present in most of the EU’s national parliaments. What are the reasons for this over the past five years in Europe?
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